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LAND SHARKS JUNIOR TENNIS TEAM SRA Land Sharks age 11-18 compete in the Mount Vernon Community Tennis League (MVCT) Junior Division. Matches are held on Sundays at 5:00 p.m. and Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. The coach determines placement on the ladder for match play. Players 10 and younger participate in a noncompetitive program with opportunities to play “training matches.”  Registration takes place during Super Sunday and through the pool office after Opening Day.  Contact Dave Sadlier at dave@sadlier.net for additional information.

WOMEN’S TENNIS TEAM Singles and doubles matches, from beginner to advanced, are played on Friday mornings in June and July. Organized lessons are also available.  Registration takes place on Super Sunday and through the pool office after Opening Day.  Contact Lorrie Rezendez at lorretired@aol.com or Jennifer Bridgman at jlkrempin@gmail.com for additional information.

PRIVATE AND SEMI-PRIVATE tennis lessons are available by registering through the pool office.

Fee Structure for Private Tennis Lessons:

# of People




30 min



60 min



60 min


3 or more

60 min


Swim and Dive

Note:  Lessons are open to the children of all residents within the SRA boundaries, members and non-members.  Refunds will not be given if the registrant fails to show.

1.        Private Lessons with a Certified Guard/Coach of your choice.

Private Lessons will be offered by both our certified Guard team and our Swim/Dive Coaches.

 COST: $30 PER ½ HOUR  

 2.        Semi-Private Lessons (max. 3 participants)

Semi-Private Lessons will be available for two-three participants at a time. Groups must be formed by the member. To book a time and request an instructor you must make a reservation through our Swim Lesson Coordinator, Jody Nyalko jnyalko@verizon.net.  No private or semi-private lessons will be permitted at the pool unless the Lesson Coordinator has made the arrangements.

 COST: $ 18 PER ½ HOUR (for 2 or 3 participants)

 3.        Group Swim Lessons

Group lessons will be led by our Certified Guards. Group lessons will be available for three (2) week sessions (Monday thru Thursday). Groups will be divided to the best of our ability by age and swimming experience (beginner or intermediate).



 Sign Up for Group Lessons by contacting SRA Lesson Coordinator Jody Nyalko at jnyalko@verizon.net

4       Pre-Compete Swim and Dive Program

The pre-compete swim and dive program bridge the gap between  lessons and the swim and dive team experience. It is designed to introduce children to the sport of competitive swimming and diving in a non-competitive environment. In the pre-compete swim program, participants receive instruction in the competitive strokes (freestyle and backstroke as a primary focus) and instruction on racing starts and turns.  Participants in the pre-compete dive program are introduced to the fundamentals of diving such as basic jumps and the front dive. This is a great opportunity to receive small group instruction from experienced coaches. Sign Up for the Pre-Compete. Program on Super Sunday or through the pool office after Opening Day.  Questions can be directed to  Sheila Pinter at pinterdskdjn6@gmail.com

COST: $ 70 PER session (8 Thirty Minute lessons)

Junior Guard Program

The Junior Guard Program for 13- and 14-year-olds is designed to teach the skills needed to be a full-time guard. The program is divided into 12 lessons on Sundays over four weeks, with one week used for make-up sessions and preparation for a final examination, which will take place Sunday, July19. 

To successfully complete the program, applicants will need to attend the 12 lessons and pass the final exam. Upon completion, students will receive an SRA Water Safety Certificate and be considered for a full-time position as a guard either later this summer or for the 2016 season.  

Please email Susan Fleischman with any questions, sjmfleischman@gmail.com

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