Message from SRA President

posted Jun 14, 2011, 8:00 AM by Dan Offringa


The pool season is three weeks old now, and I wanted to provide the membership with a few updates on operations and other issues.   

First, and most importantly, I am happy to report that we are cancelling the special meeting on June 21 that we had scheduled regarding the fire at Little Hunting Park.  They are working with Fairfax County and their insurance company to re-open with some temporary facilities.  We are continuing to offer assistance where we can, for example, we will be hosting one of the swim events that LHP was scheduled to host, and now will be unable to accommodate with the temporary facilities.  I want to thank the many of you that reached out to me with words of support for our neighbors in their time of need.  The members of LHP are truly grateful for our offer of assistance. 

Second, I want to provide an update for you on the status of the volleyball court restoration.  As you may have heard, as we began the restoration, we discovered a water leak in pipes off our property that was causing a significant amount of water to pool in the area of the court.  Fairfax County located the leak, and notified the home owner.  We were told that it needed to be remedied in 14 days.  We are waiting for that to occur, and will complete the restoration as soon as conditions allow the equipment to operate.  Thanks for your patience. 

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to address the three temporary closures that we have experienced this year due to "environmental issues".  Of course accidents are going to happen, and when they do, our staff knows exactly how to respond to ensure the health and safety of our members and guests.  Our response to these occurrences is dictated by county and health officials, and we will continue to follow all the requirements.  The good news is that our new facility has a far greater turnover rate than previously, and thus the period of closure has been greatly reduced.  With that said, I wanted to remind us all about the rules in place regarding this issue. 
From the SRA Rules and Regulations: 



C.      Bathers who are incontinent or not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

D.      No regular, disposable, or cloth diapers; or plastic swim pants are allowed in the pool.

E.      Swim diapers must be checked at each break by a parent or guardian.

F.      Parents /guardians are responsible for reporting ANY fecal matter in swim diapers that occurs in the pool to the pool manager or guard on duty.

G.     Diaper changing is not permitted on the deck area, only in bathrooms at the diaper changing stations. 

            We have enjoyed a great start to the season.  The opening party was a terrific success, the teams are running at full speed, and the pool has been well attended.  I want to thank all the volunteers that make this possible.  I know much of the hard work is in front of us, and I invite everyone to get involved.  There are countless opportunities to pitch in and help keep this facility running the way we all expect.

Thanks, and see you around the pool,


President, SRA